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Therapeutic Riding

Anyone who has been on a horse responds immediately to the power and strength of the animal. For the physically, emotionally and cognitively challenged individual the experience offers a new view on life. Horses are a wonderful medium for relationships and for therapy in a natural environment. Riding therapy has proven to be a highly motivational and enriching therapeutic and educational modality for students.

Therapeutic Riding at SFTR, which can include Developmental riding, english, or western, takes place using a variety of saddle styles and riding styles based on the individual needs and goals of the rider.

Classes are run throughout the course of the entire year. Riders typically participate in one riding lesson per week, but can take more as requested/needed.

Summary of Fees for Therapeutic Riding lessons
Therapeutic Riding lesson (30 minutes) $40.00
Therapeutic Riding lesson (45 minutes) $50.00

Goals are thoughtfully developed to foster independence and to provide challenging and educational activities. Input is gathered from parents/guardians, rider, teacher and therapist – an instructor’s lesson plan may include a wide variety of games and exercises designed to increase the rider’s ability to listen, learn and communicate. In addition, all riders work on improving their riding skills and a willingness to try new things and attain goals. There are many opportunities for the whole horse experience such as grooming, leading, tacking etc. Lessons may be held in the covered arena or outdoor riding arena if weather permits.

It’s the rider’s ability NOT disability that determines the volunteer requirement. During the lesson one to four assistants may be with the rider. Our volunteers participate in an orientation and experience hands-on training. All volunteers agree and comply with our confidentiality policy.

The heart of therapeutic riding is teamwork with the horse, rider, therapist, instructor, volunteer and family working together to provide a fun, loving and positive therapeutic environment that cannot be duplicated in a clinical setting. Because of its varied benefits, therapeutic riding has been recognized as a beneficial mode of therapy by the American Physical and Occupational Therapy Associations. The farm environment is relaxing; and the fresh air and exercise is a refreshing change from conventional therapy facilities. The majority of special needs individuals have had much more than their share of doctor visits and stressful therapy sessions. For them, SFTR offers the opportunity to use their strengths, improve on their weaknesses and reach their personal and therapeutic goals in a fun, exciting environment. To put it simply ,SFTR provides therapy disguised as fun!

Cancellation Policy
If inclement weather develops or if it is necessary to cancel classes for any reason, SFTR will call the individual riders and volunteers scheduled. Closings will also be listed on Sherlock Farms Therapeutic Riding’s Facebook page. . If  area Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, SFTR’s classes will be canceled as well.

In warmer weather, classes will be canceled if the heat index rises above 110 degrees. For the Safety of Horses, clients and volunteers, classes cannot be held during thunder and lightning due to danger to human and animal alike. If rider is already here, we will do a non mounted lesson in the barn.