15.3 hand seal half-arabian gelding

People often call me black, but I am not.  My color is called seal brown.  You see how my muzzle and flanks are brown not black?  That is how you can tell the difference in seal brown and black or black bay.  .

My name is Shaquelle SF, better known as Shaq.  I am an arabian appaloosa cross.  I have lived here all my life and that would be 21 years.  I was a gift to Sheri Holmes after she pulled me out of my mom on my birthday .  I was rather stuck, you see, I have really long legs. Over the years I have done lots of things.  My favorite was to help girl scout troops get their horsemanship badges.  I just loved having all those little girls grooming me, etc.  Sadly, I am unable to do regular riding any longer, but I love doing ground and developmental sessions.  I am the boss of the other horses at the farm (all ten of them), but I am a gentle leader..



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