My name is Versaces Firestorm.  My owner named me after the markings on my legs look like flames.  She nicknamed me, Phoenix because of my sad history and how I rose from the ashes, so to speak.  When I was about 18 months Sheri Holmes got a phone call that I was in trouble and needed help.  She drove all the way to Tyler Texas with her friend, Jan to rescue me.  You see my original owner had moved and left me in the care of someone else who did not feed me or my family.  So Sheri took me in and I am so thankful she did.  I probably would have died without her.   Well my training has been minimal but my personality is great (so they tell me)  I am in the process right now of being trained specifically for therapy and I am very excited about it.  All these neat toys and thing they are using to teach me to deal with load noise and sudden movements that sometimes happens in a therapy session.

15 hand arabian gelding

I am going to be used for western, english and developmental sessions.  It is my calling.  I LOVE people and attention.  I do like to lick and love on you, but Ms Sheri says that isn't good so don't let me.  I can't wait to start teaching and hope to meet you soon.  


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