Where Horses Give Us Wings

I have a pretty special personality.  I really like to be worked and loved on.  Grooming is a nice time, but I really HATE to get shots and visit the vet.  I bet you don't like going to see the doctor either.  I wear special shoes to keep me from being sore, so you must clean my feet really, really well.  I like treats too.  Peppermints are especially nice!  You know the type that are fat and melty.  But carrots and apples are good too. 

14.3 hand chestnut arabian mare

   Sherlock Farms


Hi, my name is Psyches Moment.  

I am considered to be the queen bee around the farm.  You see my mom and dad were considered to be horse royalty in the Arabian world.  Their names are Padron Psyche and Momentkha (both were national champions).  I was trained and shown Western Pleasure, but my last owner thought I would make a great Mommy.  Then I had the great fortune to come live at SFTR where my new owner, Donna Lindsley keeps her horses.