Where Horses Give Us Wings

   Sherlock Farms

Teamwork is at the heart of our program, with the horse, rider, instructor, volunteer, and family working together to provide a fun, loving and positive therapeutic  environment that cannot  be  duplicated in a clinical setting.

About Us

SFTR is a PATH international member center where we combine instruction in traditional horsemanship and equine assisted activities to improve the riders in the following areas


Physical Benefits - Improves balance, posture & coordination, reflexes, motor planning, stretching of tight or spastic muscles, range of motion, respiration and circulation, appetite and digestion, sensory integration, muscle tone, strength & stamina, endurance, and relaxation.

Cognitive Improvements - Strengthens auditory short term memory, improves visual memory, sequencing, patterning and motor-planning, supports math and reading skills, problem solving, spatial relationships, strengthens ability to follow directions, and improved eye-hand coordination.

Social / Emotional Benefits - Provides a general sense of well-being, improved self-confidence, increased interest in the outside world and interest in one’s own life, develops patience, emotional regulation and self-discipline, improves communication skills, develops courage and a willingness to take risks.